Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Katrina Larkin is the founder of the BIG CHILL. We first met a couple of months back. The Guardian Travel editor asked me to show Katrina my Herefordshire rather than the Herefordshire of the festival. Katrina stayed with us in our cottage in Colwall. She and I visited great gardens and pubs, vineyards and artisan perry makers, paddled a canoe down the Wye. We enjoyed each other's company, had a great time. The resulting article is on the Guardian's web site.

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  1. Small factual correction - Katrina is the CO founder of The Big Chill. We started it together back in 1994 at the Union Chapel in north London, and I introduced her to Herefordshire and the Welsh borders back in the early 90s, where we did much happy traveling, camping and walking.

    Enjoying your blog, Simon

    Pete Lawrence