Wednesday, 29 July 2009


good sign

The downpour threatened by the BBC weather man has been a soft drizzle and the sky is lightning. Hurah!
I had tea yesterday in Colwall with a lady in her 80s. She referred to the Big Chill as, That dreadful thing...Her husband had intended taking the BIG CHILL to Court. Sadly (or fortunately) he died. Wind in the right direction, faint music might be heard from their garden.
Why should the pleasure of some forty thousand festival fans be such anathema?
I was dwelling on this this morning while lazing in the tub.
The Big Chill is the major event for those I think of as young here in the Ledbury area. The Malvern Hills Conservators have banned biking and mountain-boarding on the hills (though horseback riding is OK!). Earlier this summer, my teenage son and friends were swimming in the Wye. Police ordered them out of the river, searched them and ordered them to move on. More recently the same group were playing Frisbee in the Deer Park at Eastnor. Police again...The Deer Park is open to the public. Or is it only open to those under 12 and over 25? No wonder kids get mad...
The truth is that a skateboard is a sure sign of criminality. As is wearing a hoodie or wearing your pants halfway down your butt. And The Big Chill is a drug-fueled mass orgy. It ought to be stopped. What should be stopped? Everything and anything that might be fun for the young.
So writes an Old Blimp in his late 70s determined to have a ball at his first festival...

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  1. Totally agree with your views about the treatment of teenagers in the Malvern Hills area.
    I'll be a 55 year old at the BC. Big Chill 2007 was my first festival since 1971, I hope to be attending for many more years.